The first meeting of Veligera Investment Club

The opening of Veligera Investment Club was the main event of the business breakfast held on February 22, 2022. The main idea of creating the Club is to unite human capital. Veligera Capital knows that the exchange of experience and live communication with people who have achieved stable results in investment is a powerful catalyst for development.

  • Discuss investment ideas with colleagues and experts, not limited to the venture direction.
  • Receive analytical support, participate in private webinars on current market topics.
  • Meet with invited experts and interesting people in various formats (online/offline).
  • Connect with like-minded people.

In the event calendar of the Club: author's tourist routes, exclusive meetings, friendly chess tournaments, sports activities.

At the request of the Club residents, we're planning an event with the participation of a lawyer, where everyone can ask the expert a question of interest on tax legislation. Stay tuned for announcements of Club events. Investors of Veligera Capital become residents of the Club on an unconditional basis.

Investors of Veligera Capital become residents of the Club on an unconditional basis.

Jan Sepiashvili also announced the imminent opening of representative offices of the fund in NEW countries.

There was a lively session answering investors’ questions concerning various aspects of investing and the activities of the fund. The participants of the meeting noted that the networking turned out to be dense and brought a lot of interesting acquaintances.

You can learn more about the fund and transactions by writing to us at or by telegram @veligera.

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