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We invest in the most promising and well-known tech companies that are likely to go public soon (Pre-IPO). Investment ideas are vetted based on a deep analytical study and pursuant to the clear criteria of our fund's strategy. All companies selected are most likely to go public within the next 18 months and to increase their valuation significantly.

Pre-IPO investment strategy

The Pre-IPO investment strategy means investing in the world's most promising and well-known tech businesses before they go public. For our strategy, we only select very large and rapidly growing companies whose capitalization usually exceeds USD 1 billion. The selected companies are most likely to go public within 18 months and have a capitalization growth potential of at least 100% within 12 months.

Main selection criteria

  • Valuation of the company — starting from USD 1 billion*
  • Business growth — at least 50% per year*
  • Total volume of raised venture investments — starting from USD 150 million
  • The world's largest venture capital funds are among the investors
  • Capitalization growth potential before going public — at least 100%

* for companies having unique technology and planning to go public through SPAC, capitalization can be below USD 1 billion, but not less than USD 500 million. The criterion of business growth is not of critical importance either. It is more important to have technology partners that are market leaders. To make an investment decision on issuers of this type, we carefully study public analogs at the same stage of business development. The availability of such analogs is a mandatory criterion.

By making deals only with the companies that are just one step away from going public, we mitigate risks and maintain a great yield potential.

We consider only the projects in which the world's largest venture capital funds have already invested and compare our own analytics with the expert reviews from the industry leaders.


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