Automation Anywhere has announced record financial results driven by AI

The global leader in intelligent automation has declared that the fourth quarter and concluded fiscal year have been significant for the company. Automation Anywhere’s business has demonstrated rapid, sustainable growth, achieving profitability as early as the third quarter—ahead of schedule.

Automation Anywhere is a privately held portfolio company of Veligera.

The fourth quarter and fiscal year for Automation Anywhere concluded on January 31, 2024. Detailed financial information is not publicly disclosed; however, the company has stated that the quarter’s results exceeded expectations:

Revenue growth compared to the third quarter was 50%.

More than 75% of orders for the quarter were from large deals—deals valued at over $100 thousand annually—with the value of these large deals growing by over 35% annually.

95% of customers are now exclusively using the latest GenAI-based intelligent automation platform.

Results from partnerships with hyperscalers Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure have exceeded target metrics.

Automation Anywhere’s results significantly surpass those of its closest competitor, UiPath. While Automation Anywhere, focusing on cloud technologies, grows by 50% per quarter, UiPath grows by 24%. UiPath also achieved profitability in the fourth quarter, albeit later. Both companies anticipate further growth in business and financial metrics.

The positive momentum of both leaders only confirms analysts’ forecasts: the market for robotic process automation (RPA) solutions is expected to grow by 40% annually over the next 6 years.

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