Business breakfast Veligera Capital & Conclave Premium

At the last regular business breakfast passed a meeting of the Veligera Capital fund managers and members of the Conclave Premium club.

The co-founders of the fund Alexey Afanasyevsky, Dmitry Kartvelishvili, Yan Sepiashvili and chief analyst Oleg Kuzmin spoke to the guests. The main issues that are discussed by the participants of the business breakfast were private investments and promising IPO companies. We also talked about the venture capital and Pre-IPO markets, about innovative products in various industries (fintech, game industry, e-commerce, batteries, etc.) and many more.

Oleg presented a new project Thrasio, in which Veligera Capital is investing. He told about the analysis of the company and its current performance.

At the end of the meeting, everyone could ask their questions to the fund’s management.

You can learn more about the fund and transactions by writing to us at or by telegram @veligera.

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