Lambda, specializing in cloud infrastructure for AI, and Quantiphi, a leading company in digital engineering for artificial intelligence, have joined forces. The partners will collaborate on delivering tailored industry solutions. The collaboration capitalizes on the synergy between Quantiphi’s AI capabilities and Lambda’s high-speed computational infrastructure. Innovations will target the financial sector, insurance, e-commerce, healthcare, telecommunications, media, and entertainment industries. Utilizing Lambda’s GPU cluster specifically designed for deep learning tasks, Quantiphi will develop unique computational units to simplify and optimize the AI product development lifecycle. This technology will significantly reduce the costs associated with developing and training AI models for clients. The demand for training large language models has sharply increased as interest in artificial intelligence continues to grow. Quantiphi and Lambda address this growing need. Lambda has been part of Veligera’s portfolio since December 2023. The company provides cloud AI computing services using its proprietary systems based on Nvidia accelerators, Intel, and AMD chips. Quantiphi specializes in digital engineering for artificial intelligence and is a strategic partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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