Scopely expands portfolio with new acquisition

In September 2022, the leading gaming company Scopely announced the acquisition of the game Stumble Guys from the Finnish developer Kitka Games. This purchase will not only complement Scopely’s diverse and growing portfolio of socially oriented games, but will also expand the set of genres and reach new user groups.


Since its release, Stumble Guys has attracted more than 20 million players worldwide every day and generated more than a billion hours of game time. Stumble Guys — a party game in the style of a royal battle embodies a new genre, ideal for mobile device users. The game has dynamic multiplayer gameplay and social mechanics that simplify the game with friends.

“Stumble Guys is one of the best social, multiplayer and enthralling games we’ve seen in a long time,” said Tim O’Brien, revenue director and board member of Scopely. “Kitka Games has created a bright, fun game that unites people of all ages around the world and serves as an attractive digital platform that brings pleasure to users every day. Stumble Guys, whose foundation is the gaming community, corresponds to our approach to investing, creating and operating games that attract players in the long term. We look forward to the opportunity to develop and expand the functionality that players love.”


“We are thrilled that so many players are enjoying Stumble Guys by creating active gaming communities around the world,” Olli Lahtinen, chief executive officer of Kitka Games, said in a statement. “As a small game studio, we are focused on the development process and were looking for the right partner to take Stumble Guys to the next level. We immediately thought of Scopely as a suitable family for our favorite project, because we believe that the company will provide the infrastructure and creativity to fully unlock the potential of the game, continuing to develop the gaming community with a long-term perspective.”


The acquisition of Stumble Guys further strengthens Scopely’s position as one of the largest privately held independent gaming companies in the world. According to an authoritative analytical publication (formerly App Annie), the digital giant is among the top ten mobile publishers of 2022.


Veligera Capital invested in Scopely in the fall of 2021.

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