Scopely is looking closely to the new partners

In the fall of 2021, Veligera Capital invested in Scopely, a leading company producing interactive entertainment and mobile games.


The last twelve months have been stressful for Scopely. Since July 2021, the digital giant has acquired or invested in a number of companies: Burlingame, GSN Games, The Games Fund, Omnidrone, Pixel Toys and Tag Games, and last month launched the 4X Kingdom Maker strategy game from a new partner — Global Worldwide.

Kingdom Maker “originally developed by Global Worldwide more than seven years ago was finalized in collaboration with our Scopely team,” says Steve Huff, president of the games company. Scopely helped bring the game to market by being impressed by the combat system, social interaction and humor in the game.

According to Huff, Scopely will continue entering into deals with studios that meet the company’s requirements. “When we consider any kind of cooperation or investment, we closely monitor what is happening in the gaming sphere, and then look for partners with three main qualities. Firstly, we are looking for the best teams in the world in any field – whether it is knowledge of a genre or a deep understanding of a specific technology or demography. Secondly, we are looking for teams interested in long-term cooperation in the form of an external partnership or formal joining the Scopely team. Finally, we try to ensure that teams and companies share our passion for games, our values and a deep commitment to innovation and creative pursuit of excellence.”

The California-based company Global Worldwide (formerly Casual Collective), founded in 2007, is an independent developer and creates games for gamers with the help of gamers themselves. The company released such popular games as Desktop Defender, Backyard Monsters, Battle Pirates and War Commander. Global Worldwide was the first to offer a full-fledged gameplay on social networks. The company has already been supported by Trinity Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

It is possible that the partnership between Scopely and Global Worldwide, which began with the release of the Kingdom Maker game, will grow into something greater, as it often happens, and soon we will see the Global Worldwide studio as part of a powerful team of the digital giant.

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