Scopely: the future is multiplatform solutions

Scopely is working to ensure that users do not have to choose between a console, PC or mobile device — games should be available everywhere. “I think we all recognize that gamers play on any device. Everyone who has a device is a gamer,” said Aaron Loeb, commercial director of Scopely, in an interview with the GamesBeat project.


A few years ago, the company believed that users choose games based on what device they use. Now, Scopely customers are increasingly connecting to games regardless of the technical component: first of all, they connect to other players and want to be able to do it anywhere and at any time.


Currently, everyone has phones, and in some parts of the world they are much more widespread than a PC or any console. The Scopely team takes this into account and strives to go a step further: to make not just a game accessible for any device, but also to provide users with permanent access to the resources of the gaming community.

“You don’t think that your friends are people who are friends only on your mobile device… When you have a connection with a group of players, you want it to be saved in the game, out of the game, on any device,” Loeb said. “We have been observing how strongly this trend has been manifested in games for several years. This is really what we strive for by creating multiplatform solutions.”

The successful practice of creating gaming communities brings Scopely its fruits. Analytical company (formerly App Annie) last month presented the ranking of the best mobile app publishers at the Top Publisher Awards 2022. Scopely closes the top ten among American publishers, leaving behind such digital giants as Amazon, Electronic Arts and Microsoft.


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