StoreDot batteries are being tested by world-class automakers

In September 2022, StoreDot, a pioneer in the field of extremely fast charging (XFC), began supplying samples of batteries for electric vehicles to its strategic partners — car manufacturers and potential customers.


StoreDot’s OEM investors who have received “100in5” batteries with a capacity of 30 Ah in a large form factor for practical testing include Daimler, VinFast, Volvo, Polestar, and Ola Electric.


“The supply of samples of a large form factor of our advanced technology “100in5” to more than a dozen strategic partners and potential OEM customers around the world is a truly historic moment for StoreDot. — designated Amir Tirosh, commercial director of StoreDot. “This is the culmination of ten years of intensive research and development, demonstrating our firm determination to push the modern boundaries of battery technology to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles and eliminate the limitations associated with power reserve and charging.”


A month after the start of deliveries, in October 2022, StoreDot reported that the battery cells in the form factor intended for the production of electric vehicles, which have passed more than 1000 charging cycles, have proven their excellent performance.


Battery cells with high energy density, 300 Wh/kg, and 700 Wh/l, sent to StoreDot OEM partners, demonstrate the promised performance of an electric vehicle – 100 miles of power reserve for every 5 minutes of charging without deterioration of battery characteristics.

As part of intensive testing in real conditions, StoreDot “100in5” batteries are repeatedly charged from 10% of capacity to 80% in just 10 minutes and discharged within one hour. The batteries successively completed more than 1,000 such extreme charging cycles before their capacity dropped below 80% of the original level.

“The latest tests are an important milestone not only for StoreDot, but also for the global production of batteries, and the entire ecosystem of sustainable mobility. In terms of product performance, our goal for 2022 was to get 1000 cycles of sequential extremely fast battery charging from 10% to 80% in 10 minutes at an energy density of at least 300 Wh/kg,” said Yaron Fein, Vice president of Research and Development at StoreDot. — I am pleased to announce that we have not only achieved the goal, but also surpassed it, and our laboratories already have an improved formula that allows us to further increase productivity. This is the first time that such a high efficiency of the battery cell has been achieved.”

All these events are important steps for the Israeli startup to launch mass production of “100in5” batteries in 2024. The company’s continuous development program extends far into the future, and in the next decade, its goal is to provide an electric vehicle with a power reserve of 100 miles in just 2 minutes of charging.

Veligera Capital invested in StoreDot in the summer of 2021.

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