Thrasio has broken the domestic record on Amazon once again by doubling sales

Thrasio, the world leader in the production of next-generation consumer goods, on 15th July announced the best Amazon Prime Day in its history. Prime Day is an annual two—day sale during which Amazon shoppers can purchase high-rated products with big discounts.


The company sold more than 1 million units of goods in two days, and revenue growth exceeded 100% compared to last year. The total sales volume for the previous year, including sales of newly acquired brands, increased by 60%.  Thrasio portfolio brands have been holding such revenue dynamics for several years — in 2021, it was also at the level of 60% year-on-year. With its indicators, the leader of e-commerce refutes the thesis that the growth rate is slowing down with an increase in the scale of business.

Among the most successful products of Prime Day 2022 were both brands recently added to the Thrasio portfolio and brands that have been pleasing customers for years. Individual products showed sales growth of 600% year-on-year and achieved placement on the Amazon homepage.

These results demonstrate the success of Thrasio’s strategy, which involves the constant absorption of consumer goods manufacturers and the promotion of acquired brands using a proven marketing model. Optimization of sales processes and professional work of marketers give a quick result in the form of a multiple increase in sales of new portfolio brands in less than a year. Given Thrasio’s virtually unlimited resources thanks to its partnership with the largest US banks, it can be expected that the company’s investment efficiency will continue to show significant growth.

Since January 2022, shares of Thrasio, a leading accelerator in the field of e-commerce, have been included in the portfolio of investors of the Veligera Capital.

Thrasio uses in-depth analysis of ratings and reviews to seek out and acquire brands that create breakthrough products. Currently, the company’s revenue is more than $1 billion, the portfolio includes more than 200 brands, and the global geography continues to grow, having increased last year in Europe, China, Japan and, most recently, in India. In 2021, Thrasio raised $1 billion in financing and doubled the volume of acquisitions.

Thrasio Chief Operating Officer Stephanie Fox commented on the new records: “The secret of Amazon Prime Day’s success, of course, lies both in the availability of excellent products, and in the excellent organization of operational processes and well-coordinated team work. Even in a difficult year, when the news is dominated by negativity and supply chain disruptions are increasing, we are focused on how to better serve customers with a data-driven approach. And no one does it better than our experienced and energetic team.”

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