Thrasio takes offline sales to a new level

The world leader in the production of new-generation consumer goods is successfully developing a multi-channel sales policy. Thrasio has combined information about sales markets, sales data and customer intentions, metrics of service quality and brand loyalty into a single intelligent ecosystem.


According to Michael Esposito, Sales Director of Thrasio, when the multi-channel strategy is working at full strength, the synergy of all channels works to increase overall sales and brand value. “We call it the flywheel effect,” says Esposito.

As an example, Thrasio demonstrates the case of one of its most effective brands — Angry Orange. Pet odor remover spray is on the shelves of many Target and PetSmart stores. A person purchasing dog food at Target may see a bottle of Angry Orange pet odor remover and initially not buy it. But later, when the buyer is using his smartphone to find products to eliminate the smell, and Angry Orange appears before his eyes with an average user rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, he will realize that this brand is reliable. And after making a purchase, using advertising on Amazon and Google, you can encourage the customer to purchase additional products of the Angry Orange line. At first, Thrasio supplied Angry Orange to several hardware stores. Products were literally swept off the shelves, this proved that Angry Orange can make money in traditional retail.

“If you look at the opportunities for developing your brand, traditional retail in regular stores has huge potential,” he says. Insider Intelligence research confirms Esposito’s words, noticing that more than 85% of purchases are still made in offline stores.

Analysts believe that Thrasio’s multi—channel policy is not only a qualitative change in the company’s strategy, but also a significant increase in the scale of the business.

Since January 2022, Thrasio shares have been included in the portfolio of investors of the Veligera Capital fund.

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