XtraLit’s Pilot Impressive Results at the Dead Sea

Impressive Results for XtraLit’s Pilot at the Dead Sea

The Israeli-based startup, XtraLit, has showcased the effectiveness of its cutting-edge lithium extraction technology. The company recently reported the successful conclusion of its preliminary tests at an operating facility.
The results from the pilot project at the Manaseer Magnesia facility in Jordan signify a critical transition to the subsequent phase of XtraLit’s business expansion. Data from the pilot indicates that 85% of the lithium present in the Dead Sea’s spent brines was successfully extracted. This lithium concentrate was then transformed into lithium carbonate, a product that, according to the company’s findings, is primed for battery integration without further purification.
The ensuing phase of the collaboration with Manaseer Magnesia involves an experimental-industrial modular system capable of processing 150 cubic meters of brine daily. The inherent scalability of this approach allows for swift expansion of the facility’s output to full-scale production through the integration of additional modules.
Each source where XtraLit deploys its proprietary sorbents and equipment presents substantial economic prospects. To illustrate, the potential income from extracting lithium carbonate on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea is estimated at roughly $1 billion annually, with a comparable figure expected from the Israeli side.
XtraLit’s secondary pilot project, in partnership with Zorlu Energy, is currently in progress in Turkey. Furthermore, a contract has been signed with the US-based Galvanic Energy for lithium extraction from groundwater sources. Several other pilot initiatives are in the pipeline, underscoring the startup’s accelerating trajectory.
Since 2022, XtraLit has been a part of Veligera’s portfolio. The startup is credited with having the sole globally recognized technology adept at extracting lithium from dilute solutions – spanning salt lakes, associated petroleum waters, and geothermal reservoirs.

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